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Guest Euphrates

What kind of client do you need to play?

GRAND CRUSADE, but the filling HF5

You can download it from our website, clicking




Then such Dynamic Rates?
Smooth transition from x10 till x5 flights by experience.
1-80   = х10
80-85 = х5
Which profile is the best to start? 
Our team has built a balance of professions as follows,that you can choose almost any.
There will be no dominance on a server of demos and schemes.
How to learn skills?

You can learn the skills of your profession in the Explore the Skills tab..
Ability giving bonuses to stats transferred to viola+b for the Seal of Knowledge.
What is Printing Knowledge?

This is a subject for which you can learn the skull you need.. 

It is extracted by the pharma of mobs. 50+  and the synthesis of fragments;
Errors appear when you log in to the game

If you encounter errors or have an antivirus running, add  system folder to antivirus exceptions and update it.
Example of this, how to do it for Windows 10, you can view HERE

I have a Windows 8, error after password input, what to do?

2 options:

Reinstall or Install Windows 10

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