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[Бонус] Стрим Desperion | [Bonus] Stream Desperion

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Dear players!
Are pleased to inform You that the stream You will get good bonuses!

Mandatory conditions:

1. The stream should last at least 2 hours.

2. Do not delete the stream from the twitch otherwise, the award will not be issued. The award will be issued within 24 hours of Your stream.

3. Be sure to place our banner in the name of the stream must be Desperion.eu

4. Web-camera optional!

5. The action is temporary, with the same channel award several times to not! Maximum reward - the reward for 4 hours of the stream.

6. And finally, the last requirement, in the case of the stream for the AFC more than 30% (samusin stream when idle, not you or corny spells is in place) award the same is not issued


Everyone who holds the Stream will be issued a unique Cloak and Premium Account (the time of the premium account depends on the time stream, minimum 1 day, if You are willing to pursue it daily, then the premium is given immediately for 1 month with subsequent extension)

In this topic, include a link to Your channel on twitch and nickname of Your character!


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Mi enlace de twitch para transmisiones-> www.twitch.tv/kuluN_


Solo necesito poner el título: Lineage 2  Desperion.eu server multiskill 

¿De Verdad?

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